Drum Loops & Beats by Jim Dooley

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Funk Drum Beat 90 BPM 4/3/14

Funk Drum Loops Tempo: 90 BPM
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Simple funk beat with a sparse hi-hat pattern played on the up beats. There’s a few stops later on, but for the most part this beat will keep you in the pocket.

Funk Drum Beat 110 BPM 3/25/14

Funk Drum Loops Tempo: 110 BPM
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Funk drum beat with a straight snare on 2 and 4 and a syncopated kick pattern.

Hip Hop Drum Loops 110 BPM 3/17/14

Hip Hop Tempo: 110 BPM
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Acoustic Hip Hop Drum Beat. Mostly played on the hi hat, but there is a ride cymbal pattern with the same feel that can be used as a bridge.

Funk Fusion Drum Beat 120 BPM 2/20/14

Fusion Drum Loops Tempo: 120 BPM
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Fusion drum beat with an alternating 16th note and drum roll hi hat pattern.

Acoustic Rock Drum Beat 95 BPM 1/29/14

Alternative Rock Tempo: 95 BPM
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This beat will work great for an alternative rock song played with an acoustic guitar. Played with brushes yet still keeps a solid rock groove.

Loud Funk Drum Beat with MIDI File 120 BPM

Funk Drum Loops Tempo: 120 BPM
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Funk Drum Beat with MIDI File 110 BPM

Funk Drum Loops Tempo: 110 BPM
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My first MIDI drum beat. This is a funk beat played at 110 BPM. There plenty of opened and closed hi hat syncopation with a bridge section that is well-defined by hi hat opining on the “&s” of each quarter note.

Alternative Rock Drum Loops 120 BPM 1/7/14

Alternative Rock Tempo: 120 BPM
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The basic pattern of this beats stays consistent throughout, but there is a lot of vitiation. Everything from Tim Alexander inspired kick, crash ride, and loose rock hi hat and more.

Funk Rock Drum Loops 85 BPM 11/22/13

Funk Drum Loops Tempo: 85 BPM
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Funk beat with a small rock section in the middle. This beat almost made it into my Groove Rock section, but it seemed a little more fitting for a funk song until the section open hi hat part.

Groove Rock Drum Loops 95 BPM 11/4/13

Groove Rock Tempo: 95 BPM
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This beat won’t take you out of the zone. It’s over five minutes long without too much variation although I do switch to the ride for a bit, but it is a very similar groove.