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Welcome to JimDooley.net, your online source for 100% royalty free drum loops and beats.

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Tempo: 115 BPM
A dynamic progressive rock beat played mostly on the ride. after the strong intro it mellows out. Prefect fore a building guitar lead.
Tempo: 120 BPM
This is an uptempo and slightly loud Bossa Nova drum loop & beat. the extra volume makes this perfect for a little fusion, experimental rock or an upbeat Latin tune.
Tempo: 80 BPM
This is a moderately slow funk/rock drum loop set. It keeps a similar feel throughout the entire beat. but has some back and forth between the hi hat and ride to break things up.
Tempo: 160 BPM
Get out your plate reverb for this one. This is a 60s style surf rock beat played mostly on the ride cymbal. There is also a hi hat section for a little contrast.
Tempo: 115 BPM
Dynamic fusion drum beat with lots of ride cymbal and off beat snare. There is plenty of variation including a closed hi hat section.
Tempo: 120 BPM
This is a Middle Eastern/North African drum loop set with lots of variation so you can arrange the loops into many combinations.
Tempo: 60 BPM
This is a six minute slow blues beat. Great for a long guitar jam. It's mostly simple and stays out of your way, but there are a few parts where i change up the pattern with some syncopated kick. there are plenty of drum fills too.