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Tempo: 115 BPM
Consistent and not too busy Funk Rock drum loops. This beat starts with a closed hi hat pattern and switches back to a loose hi hat beat that will work great for a chorus. A medium intensity ride pattern with a little double kick for the bridge and back to the beginning and a new variation at the end.
Tempo: 110 BPM
Part Metal part Jazz, this beat starts out with a quarter note closed hi hat and double bass pattern. The dynamics pick up with a double time beat then back to the quarter note pattern and again back to the double time beat. I bring it way down for the bridge section with a cross stick/rim click while keeping the double kick going. There’s also some dynamic variation in the bridge as I switch between cross stick and snare as the energy builds and returns to the original beat to wrap things up.
Tempo: 90 BPM
Simple funk beat with a sparse hi-hat pattern played on the up beats. There’s a few stops later on, but for the most part this beat will keep you in the pocket.
Tempo: 110 BPM
Funk drum beat with a straight snare on 2 and 4 and a syncopated kick pattern.
Tempo: 110 BPM
Acoustic Hip Hop Drum Beat. Mostly played on the hi hat, but there is a ride cymbal pattern with the same feel that can be used as a bridge.