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100% Royalty Free
All of my drum loops & beats are 100% royalty-free. Once you sign up for a premium membership and download them, they are yours to do with as you please. There are no continuing charges or licensing fees to use the beats.

Copyright Free
When you use my beats in your music there is no need to share the copyright with me. You own 100% as soon as you incorporate these beats into your music.

No Licensing Fees
There are no licensing fees or charges of any kind. Once you download the beats, they are yours to keep. None of the loops or beats come with any kind of copyright protection in the file. As long as you save them, they should play in any software or mp3 player forever.

If are feeling generous and you do want to give me credit and/or share royalties. For any commercially released piece of music please use the name "James Carmichael Dooley" and contact me so I can say thanks.

Note to YouTube users
Just by watching, you are helping support my channel. I hope you have fun on YouTube and continue jam with my beats. However, if you want to use these beats in your music, I ask that you consider signing up for a premium membership. Premium memberships go much further in helping support my channel. You will also get much higher quality audio files and much easier to use, downloadable files.

You can get started here for free and you can cancel at any time.
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You may not sell any of the raw drum loops or full length beats that you obtain from this site. (However, once you have integrated any of these loops or beats into your own music, you may sell and/or redistribute your music as you see fit).

You may not provide these loops via download from your Web site. If you like these loops and want to recommend them, please link back to my site.

You may not copy these loops for any third party. Again, I would appreciate that you direct any third parties interested in these loops to my Web site or have them contact me directly.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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