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Not sure if I'm a real person?
Here's my cell number 1(845) 399-9258. Call me with any questions you may have or if you just want to double check that you're dealing with a real person. Just keep in mind that I'm in New York if you're calling from a different time zone.

Is your credit card Info safe?
Yes, I do not store your credit card info on this website. Your payment will be processed by the same company that CBS, Showtime and many others trust for their subscription payments. Check them out here.

Credit Card or PayPal.
I do accept credit cards, but I also accept PayPal if you prefer the extra level of security they provide.

Other Security Measures.
I use SiteLock to do daily hack testing, but I highly recommend creating a unique password for this and any other accounts you have on the internet just to be safe.

As stated earlier, I do not store your payment info in this site. If this site were to get hacked, all the hackers would get is your email address and your password to this website, well they would be able to download your beats too.

Any questions?
Contact me.

Jim Dooley
510 Cedar Street
Kingston, NY 12401